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São Leopoldo/RS

Av. San Borja, 3001

Commercial: 7:30 am to 5 pm

Fair and Congress
from 11 to 14 July

Intermach23 - 14th Edition

One of the most important in Latin America, due to the industrial center where the Fair has been held biannually since 1997. A manufacturing center with companies from the most varied industry segments, who visit the Fair in search of improvements to their production processes.

A captive event on the agenda of executives of large companies in the region, the Fair is a business inducer, disseminating the most advanced technologies in the world throughout southern Brazil, in addition to other states and countries that visit the Fair at each edition.


Steel Parts Oliveira

Discover Our History and Experience

Aço Peças Oliveira, a Brazilian industry that operates in the metal-mechanic sector, providing machining of parts in ferrous, non-ferrous metals and polymers.

We are a company structured according to the most modern industrial standards and prepared to perform these services.

Our company started on 01/15/11 and currently has a covered area of 2,300m² and is based on quality and the total satisfaction of our customers, providing them with a special service and offering high quality products, manufactured with modern equipment of high tech. All manufacturing processes guaranteed by our “Aço Peças Oliveira Quality System”.


Discover the segments in which we operate

Aço Peças Oliveira is a company specialized in machining complex parts using high technology equipment and resources.

Focused on the supply of special parts under design for companies from different segments, we always seek to serve our customers with flexibility in production and excellence in quality.


We have experience in machining components for the manufacture of tools and various parts in high performance materials.
Hydraulic components are extremely important for several industrial sectors. We have expertise in machining these components.
The specific demands of the agricultural sector are customized solutions to withstand working conditions.
Machining automotive components requires precision, quality and compliance with the automotive industry's stringent standards.

Main customers

We are expanding our machine park, proving that investing in new resources and technologies is our constant concern.

State of the art Technology

Infrastructure and capable production

Our industrial park is prepared to meet the highest levels of requirements in terms of repeatability in serial parts. We have equipment with great precision and high performance.


With an infrastructure and production capacity developed to meet market needs, our processes are based on the Lean Manufacturing culture, thus maintaining a competitive cost.


Aço Peças Oliveira invests firmly in its Quality Management policy, always seeking the development and continuous improvement of its processes.